College Student Lyrics - Dolla

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College Student Lyrics - Dolla

I'm looking for a college student
I need me a ivoy league
Someone that got there masters
A fucking bachors

I need me a college student
I need me a teachers pet
Someone that got there masters
A fucking bachors

[Verse 1:]
Aye, snitches get stitches
Bitches get hickies
Dolla get money
Ya'll get pennies
Rappers say how I keep it moving
I ain't finish
Nigga's betting hundreds
And I'm trying to up and win it
My lifestyle lavish
TV's in the dashes
Long legged women
Flat stomach, fat asses
Me and my pistol
My on and only level
And I keep her close to me
Like a simese brother
I ain't gotta spell it
The chopper spell it for me like
When we passing by your homies
I be laughing at your homies
When I'm marching pass your homies
Neck on froze got archin-neck[? ] on it


[Verse 2:]
Swag got a all time high
I'm a awsome guy
While these niggas so sweet
Like celong[? ] pie
Look I've always been a king
Like Deon guy
Yeah he used to be my dog
He a felaon now
Fly dog baby doll, you is for my shit
I'm in my two door shit
With the roof all out
Niggas gone keep lying
Before the truth fall out
I pay niggas nevermind
I pay bitches attention
You better find another nigga
Let him pay your tuition[? ]
I ain't into nutrition
I just though I should mention
I need somebody with a masters
To teach me positions

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