T-Shirt (Spotify Mix) Lyrics - Migos

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T-Shirt (Spotify Mix) Lyrics - Migos

Spotify, yeah
Spotify, Spotify
Spotify, Spotify
Spotify, yeah

Young nigga poppin', cookie kickin' like a rider (cookie!)
Bout to get that lamb til' I thought about that rari (skrr skrr!)
Ain't no doubt about it I'm yo favorite rapper artist
When you pull out that draco make sure ain't nobody watching
Migos we the topic (Hey!), pockets extra sloppy (slop!)
On Spotify they listenin' they can't wait til' we droppin'
Like my women cocky, (women!) drape em' in Versace ('sace!)
Fish scale wallets, Christopher Wallace (white!)
Spotify hit me, told me "Pull Up," said "I got em'"
Number one no problem, try to stop we droppin'
Culture out there, dropped it, told em, "Hit me" when they cop it
Visuals on North Pole, ain't no photo shoppin'
Back then when I wasn't poppin', y'all people told me stop it
Thinkin' bout money when I say cottage, so much can't fit in my wallet
Yeah, yeah I might give my fans all my clothes yeah, yeah
I fly to Japan for my shows yeah, yeah
What you sayin' we get those yeah, yeah
I won't give no bag to these hoes (yeah)

Yeah, no, T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt, (white!)
T-shirt, (white) T-shirt (white)
It's that white, yeah,(white!) it's that white yeah (white!)
Coco, do it for the Culture
Spotify I give you my word
Number one, we all around the earth
Spotify, we all around the earth
You know we comin' for what we deserve, yeah
Culture album, out now, go get that, yeah
Yeah, WOO

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